With the increasing levels of globalization, new technology is playing a great role in increasing the information flow. People have started to handle many activities with multinational companies opening different operations in various parts of the world while maintaining centralized form of governance. In order to solve the issue with distance, Canadian government has opted to use high tech through upholding telepresence technology.

The Canadian government has decided to reduce travel costs while at the same time improving service delivery through the use of new technology. During 2013th budget, the government increased the amount of money directed towards increasing the level of technology and specifically telepresence which is almost similar to video conferencing. This move will ensure that time that was used by top managers and even government officials is utilized effectively through the use telepresence technology. This will directly translate to increased development in the country and maximum utilization of human resources. In addition, it is expected that the move to use telepresence will increase faster decision making and interaction with different department. Also, the government will be able to dispense their mandate more easily and quickly. Some of the expected events that will be done through telepresence include reading of budget etc. The country will also be working hard to invest some of the funds to improve the information system of different business. This is expected to play a great role in improving the level of leadership in different departments an aspect that is will be replicated in the overall returns.

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