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Patient Care Techniques

Health is a matter of life and death. Sick people are normally not in a position to take care of themselves and hence need someone to look after them.

Congestive Cardiac Failure

Chatterjee, K. (2002). Congestive Heart Failure. American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs, 2(1), 1-6. This art...

Spiritual Needs for Patients

Comprehension of Concepts of Spirituality              ...

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a method of health care different from those that people are used to receive from a physician or local emergency clinic. It includes such therapies as herbal, acupuncture, hypnosis, and various diets in order to treat people or maintain their physical and mental health.

Ethics of Modern Medicine

Since antique times, doctors have been bound by strict ethical principles, which guide medical practice and establish a set of values. Despite the tremendous progress the medical science has made over the centuries, moral guidelines for medical personnel remain essentially the same.

Medicine and Religion

For many centuries, medicine and religion have been in close interrelation. A great number of religious ministrations and traditions are presented as care of surrounding people. However, today, medicine is considerably departed from religion, having become more developed and having gained new knowledge and experience.