The Terms and Conditions of Using`s Services

The terms and conditions set out here make up the full agreement between and any client who chooses to access our website or order our products and services. Clients who use any product or service provided by are automatically bound by the terms of this agreement.

From time to time, may change or modify these terms. If or when this happens, all such changes or modifications will be posted on the website of or notified to clients by email. Responsibility lies with clients to stay up-to-date with any change or modification to our terms and conditions of usage.

The Products and Services of

Under these terms, clients agree that all writing products and services supplied by are to be used only as example or sample works e.g. in the form of a model. Clients will not present any of’s products as their own effort. If a client uses any product, or part of it, it must be accompanied by correct citation to avoid breaching any copyright regulations and content ownership laws. All local and international laws that pertain to copyright and/or trademark ownership, which also includes intellectual propriety rights, are applicable to every product supplied by Plagiarism in any form is in no way encouraged or promoted by

Legal Responsibility

All clients using the products and services provided by agree that will not be held accountable in any legal proceedings that come about through the purchase or acceptance of any material supplied by Indemnity covers all legal proceedings, court actions, legal expenses and fees, court judgments, costs incurred as a result of court action, and/or any unspecified expenses that result from using’s products and services. If a client violates any of these terms, full indemnification is applicable.

Communicating with Clients

It is the client’s responsibility to provide with a current email address to be used for communicating and issuing notifications. Any notices of a general nature will be published on the website of

Termination of Orders or Services

In the event that decides to bring an order or service to termination, the affected clients will be notified and refunded any fee already incurred. It is’s aim to complete all orders in precise accordance with client specifications and no work will be undertaken if is incapable of completing it. If a client feels that has not adhered to their original instructions, the onus lies with them to inform of the matter within two business days of receipt the written work. Where this is the case, will re-write or revise the work according to the initial instructions. Where a client changes their original instructions, an additional fee will be applied by to make the required changes. An order is deemed complete on acceptance by the client and after the two business days have elapsed.

Order Cancellation

Any customer has a chance to cancel the misplaced order and get a full refund. In order to file a form to cancel the order, it should not be worked on by the writer. The form must be completed in less than 20% time provided for the order, only if it is no longer than 2 weeks. All the money is guaranteed to be returned to the customer if the form was done within 4 days.

After the writer was assigned to write the paper, the customer can annul his/her order and receive a partial refund, depending on the time left. The final refunded sum will not exceed seventy five percent of the primary price.

FinalClause of this Agreement

These terms and conditions, in addition to all policy statements and regulations listed on the website of, comprise the full agreement between and any client using its products and/or services.