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Apollo Group Inc. University of Phoenix

Apollo Group, Inc. is a private company that offers online and on campus educational programs and services at all learning levels; they are: undergraduate, master's and doctoral.

Sociocultural Theory of Language

Sociocultural theory of language development is the best theory of language development. Theory Summary of the Theory Modelling Theory This theory connects the brain to a computer that has t...

European Union's Immigration Policy

International asylum policy was set by the European Union in 1951, in Geneva.

Banker April Work

Why are there so few female leaders in our society? One of the major reasons that make fewer women be in a leadership position is the responsibilities bestowed upon them biologically.

College Importance

Thesis: "Many students believe that attending college is not worth; however, getting a degree that leads to a good job is important nowadays because life has been changed than before".

World We Live in and Our Role in It

Different groups have different thoughts on the world we live in. The variations range from the origin of the earth and the forces that dominates it.