Thesis: "Many students believe that attending college is not worth; however, getting a degree that leads to a good job is important nowadays because life has been changed than before".

Students in the world of today feel that college education is not essential to today's life. Therefore, many students opt to leave school and start blue-collar jobs in cities and towns. Other students also opt to start their own businesses instead of pursuing degrees in school. Individuals have also been led to believe that college education is a waste of time (Murray, 2007, 1). Therefore, they opt to pursue their own talents such as playing musical instruments, acting or singing. However, study shows that although these blue-collar jobs may be well paying, college education is still more beneficial to every individual in the society.

Due to the economy's changes, nowadays it is hard to be successful without a degree. Studies show that although it might have been easy for our grandfathers to make money without attending college, nowadays it will be hard and complicated to lie without a college degree. One issue that clearly supports this claim is the fact that in the world of today, there is improvement of technology (Caldwell, 2007, 2). Each day a new type of technology hits the economy and thus, only an educated person can be able to understand the innovations in the market. Economists also assert that technological improvements in the world lead to a great deal of economic growth. Therefore, with technology, the economy grows at a greater rate as compared to during our grandfathers' time. On the other hand, development of technology also leads to improvement of industries and business organizations in the economy. New ways of doing things have also been derived in the economy such that; only people who have studied are able to work in some areas. This is also supported by the fact that every process and operation in the world today has become digital. Therefore, individuals who do not obtain college education will not be able to work in the blue-collar jobs since they will be unskilled. Therefore, individuals who leave college will be disadvantaged since; they will not be able to work in any sector in the society (Caldwell, 2007, 1). Blue-collar jobs such as electrician jobs, gardening and ironing have also been incorporated with advanced skills and thus, for an individual to secure a job, he or she will require certain specific skills. In addition, other jobs such as dressmaking have also become advanced due to entry of new designs, and new fabrics. Therefore, this creates a clear difference between the times of our grandfathers when the economy used to stagnate for a long time with very limited and underdeveloped technology. It is for this reason that during those times; individuals would be able to obtain jobs in the society even when they have not obtained a college degree. The economy has become diverse and thus; people need to diversify their skills too in order to be able to work in different occupations in the society. Individuals who have left college will remain with the same skills and thus; the growth of the economy will not benefit them (Caldwell, 2007, 2).

College education can also be considered as important because; it ensures that a person gets a better job with a better salary in future. Although some individuals argue that a person's future can still be bright even when they do have a college degree, studying is very vital in determining the type of job that an individual gets. Some of the blue-collar jobs, that the people who quit college get, are tiring and uncivilized. For instance, although Lamacchia asserts leaving college was no loss to him, he had to start cutting grass with a borrowed loan mower in order to make ends meet (Smith, 2007, 3). Thus, although individuals claim that the goal is making money irrespective of the channel a person uses, some methods demand a lot of energy, time and devotion. Therefore, it is clear that if two people are making the same amount in a year, the individual who left college uses a lot of energy than the individual who obtained a college degree. For instance; an accountant who has attended college might be earning the same salary as an individual doing a manual job but the individual without a college degree will be struggling more than the accountant.

Therefore, in my opinion, students should obtain college education and get a degree that will help them to be more marketable in the society. In addition, I also think that people who have obtained college educated have higher standards of living than individuals who quit or never went to college. This is because; people who have gone to college are more diversified, more advanced and more updated with the current issues affecting the world. People with college degrees also live better lifestyles because; they are able to embrace the latest technology and make their lives easier. While people with no college education struggle to do most of their things manually, educated individuals apply the modern technology to hasten their work. I also believe that college education helps a person to interact with the world more than a person who has quit college. This is due to the fact that; a person who has gone through college education will meet many people of different backgrounds who will enlighten him concerning different issues of life. On the other hand, a person who has not gone through college is likely to stagnate with the same theories and principles since; he or she has no one to feed him with new idea about life. In conclusion, it is therefore clear that college education is preferable is indeed important to a person's life. This is because; with a college degree, an individual can obtain a better job, a bigger salary and even a better lifestyle. The major argument here is that a person with a college degree will be better placed compared to a person without a degree. Therefore, students should be enlightened about the benefits of a college degree in order for them to pursue their carriers without doubts.

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