April 12th 2013

Despite many suggestions that the company was interested in buying Irish airline Aer Lingu's partner in the United States JetBlue clarifies that it is not interested in buying Irish Airline

April 5th 2013

The overall number of passenger traffic increased an aspect that was associated with increased teamwork and marketing of the company. This change was likely to spark a need to look for long-lasting solutions to maintain the growth.

April 3rd 2013

Regional Aer Lingus which is operated by Aer Arann expands its operations in the United Kingdom. This will play a great role towards increasing the financial status of the whole company. In addition, the move will also increase the level of competition in the sector.

April 3rd 2013

Aer Lingus enters in a codeshare deal with united airlines which is aimed at improving the service delivery and expand its market size.

April 3 2013

Aer Lingus is plotting to go back to offer services in San Francisco. This will play a great role in expanding the market segment an aspect that will be replicated in the overall returns of the company.

March 27th

There was a formation of an agreement between the company and United Airlines in order to increase the benefits for the customers traveling using the airlines towards Ireland and the United States.

March 16th

The court gave the airline a go-ahead in increasing its reserves in order to increase its finances which will directly affect the dividends paid to the shareholders.

March 15th

The airline introduced new meal which was named "skies dine" as an extensive means of attracting more customers to its services. The move was also aimed at maintaining the existing customers as customers were becoming more concerned about the services offered by the airline an aspect that was being taken by the airlines as a service differentiation tool.

14th March

The judge ruled that the pension of the employees were supposed to be paid with immediate action. The standoff between the two countries came from the company's policies of not paying the pensions.

March 13th 2013

There was the formation of a partnership with G-Mac in order to strengthen the financial strength in the market of the two companies in the market.

March 9th

There was an increase in the CEO's remuneration. The remuneration reached a high of 1.3 Euros an aspect that was led by increased levels of returns by the company. This emanated from increased financial base of the company.

March 6th

Aer Lingus traffic falls due to mismanagement and weather factors. This was also affected by the increased competition levels from the competitors.

February 27

The bid by Ryanair is blocked due to the fear that its acquisition of Aer Lingus will monopolize the sector an aspect that will reduce customer bargaining power while at the same time affecting the level of services offered in the sector.

February 13th 2013

The company announces a code share agreement between Aer Lingus and JetBlue Airways. The move was aimed at increasing the partnership between the two carriers. In addition, it was aimed at reducing the costs of operation through the strengthening of partnership

Feb 12th

There was a cry by Ryanair which was complaining that EC aims at blocking Ear Deal. This would have negative impact on the airline together with reduced customer loyalty.

February 12th 2013

Aer Lingus complains that it has not received any notification from EC on the intentions of probation of the offer, therefore, continue with the operations. This increased tensions and slower the operations of the company.

February 9th

The CEO of the company declares that the overall shares are worth than the rating in the market. This was a significant statement that could encourage investors to invest in the company as CEO has shown he believe in the growth of the company.

February 6th

The overall profits of the company increased by 40.7%. This means that the company the intense advertising strategies made a great impact on the overall gains of the company.

Ryanair complained that decision to block the proposed offer for its rival company was more of political rather than business related. The airline complained that the move was to weaken its competition abilities and offer its competitor with a good business for transacting its businesses.

February 5th

Aer Lingus was offered gybe cash by Ryanair in order for the company to undertake short-haul services. This move could have affected services delivery of the company and reduce its financial base.

February 5th

Ryanair sought intervention of European Union in order to force Aer Lingus to honor the deal. The standoff had an effect on the image of the company and the company had to deal with the situation to avoid the already tarnishing if its reputation.

January 13, 2013

The company launches a new premium three-course meal choice. The aim was to improve the customer service in order to attract more customers to the flights. This will play a great role towards increasing the level of competition.

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