13.1 Case Study

This case discusses the allowance of pot-smoking in Washington State. In order to respond to this issue, the Seattle Police has used the character of the Dude, which was acted by Nash Bridges. It posted the picture with the slogan "The Dude abides, he says "Take it inside". This situation seems to be funny at first sight, but it a serious issue, which needs serious evaluation. In this case, Seattle's Police violate the national law. The pot smoking is allowed in this state, but the advertising of drugs is forbidden around the country. And in this case, policemen seem to popularize the drug abuse. The police does not take into perceive this issue with the necessary seriousness. This step was made in order to tolerate the drug abuse and simultaneously, to shrink its usage. In order to set balance, I would start the policemen education. They should understand that they are those members of the society, who should preserve calmness and understand the situation and its objectives from inside. However, in general, I do not understand this law. It causes the clash within the U.S. society, as people in one state are allowed those things, which are prohibited in another. It ruins the unity of the society. The laws should be uniform. However, in this case, I would ban the drugs in all U.S. states. Drug abuse is a serious problem nowadays, and its allowance will not result in positive outcome.

14.3 Case Study

This case study discusses the abolition of chocolate milk in the U.S. school menus. I don't actually understand why the government should be involved in school product regulation. There are a number of burning issues, which should be solved and abolition of chocolate milk at school is not the right one. It deprives children of their choice. The shops and restaurants are overwhelmed with products, which contain sugar. Does it mean that children should be prohibited from buying them? Moreover, The Agriculture Department has nothing to do with this issue. The Education Department should consider it. The thing is that schools and school menus are under this department's responsibility. There is a clear and understandable division among the government's departments. Each of them should handle its own problem. This discussion is significant for the accountability of government, as it may cause the mix in the departments' duties. Nowadays, everything is clear and understandable, and responsibilities blending could result in serious negative consequences. The public interest in providing the chocolate milk to kids concerns not only the health issue, but also civil rights issue. If mother will consider that their kids should not drink chocolate milk, they will prohibit them doing it. But there are a lot of other products, which are not actually beneficial for kids (like chips, snacks, chocolate bars), and prohibiting them will mean the prohibition of human right on choice.

7.2 Case study

The case study discusses the issue of poking through the passengers' luggage without notification. If I found such note in my baggage, I would be definitely concerned about it. I understand that security procedure is extremely significant nowadays, as it assists to decrease the chance of terrorist attack, but there exist certain rules. I don't mind inspecting my luggage, but I want to be present during it. There exists a huge difference between private luggage checking, and private pat-downs. The government should set certain standards to control the airport security. Inspections and detections are essential, but the government should create certain rules, and these rules should include the passenger's presence. Otherwise, such checking might result in robberies, and nobody would be found guilty. Security check is the necessary intrusion in private sector, but it should be definitely accompanied but the rules and regulations.


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