Different groups have different thoughts on the world we live in. The variations range from the origin of the earth and the forces that dominate it. This paper will review different opinions on the world we live in and role of human being on it.

Christian believes that the world was created by God within six days. They believe that God commanded the universe to bring the components of the earth into being and it obeyed. They also believe that on the sixth day God created human being and gave him the authority to dominate it and all other living things in it. In addition, human being was given the mandate of preserving the environment and to utilize the gifts of nature without misusing them.

According to Kojiki, the world was brought up by a powerful force God. According to the tale, we live in the world where a lot of activities by powerful forces that formed the continents, sea and human being exist. The forces look upon us to take care of the world on their behalf but they punish the people frequently through thunderstorms, heavy floods and even earthquakes. In this world humans are given the sole mandate of looking after the world. He has the power to improve it and make it better for his existence. Nevertheless, in case human beings misuse the world, the powerful force God can be able to punish deaths or illnesses. A human being is also allowed to control the wild animals and make use of the available resources that are in existence. In addition, he is supposed to please God through good behavior, praises and sacrifices.

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