Global warming has become one of the major threats that the world is facing. Different factors have been attributed to increasing levels of temperatures in the world. Nevertheless, little is being done to reverse the conditions. The mandate of fighting global warming is being left to developing countries which have a small porting of stake in this disaster. In addition, these countries lack adequate resources to fight global warming (Greendex 2012). On the other hand, developed countries have taken little measures to reduce emission of gasses that cause global warming. Some of them e.g. US and Germany have also refused to part of organizations mandated with ensuring that carbon emission is reduced remarkably. Despite all this, individual role is also important in fighting global warming. As a result, I decided to minimize the use of plastic bags and use public means of transport when it is not necessary to use private cars (Porter and Mark 2012).

I have been aspiring to use no plastic bags during shopping and other related activities in order to reduce dumping on biodegradable materials to the environment. I have been trying to use other means to carry goods such as use of degradable fibers in order to improve environmental status. In addition, I have been trying to reuse the bags in order to avoid purchasing these materials. Nevertheless, this has not been successful because government has done very little in enforcing the laws that are aimed at banning the use of plastic bags. In addition, the prices of alternative bags which are biodegradable are so high in comparison with those that are non-biodegradable. This has been tempting me to continue purchasing the non-biodegradable bags, therefore, continue with degradation of the environment. Another major barrier that has been preventing me from adopting this measure is the access to biodegradable bags. These bags are not easily accessible in the malls with many malls citing the prices of acquiring the commodities as the major barriers.

Biodegradable bags are not long lasting. In comparison with plastic bags which can be reused several times, biodegradable materials weather out very easily making them not economical. In addition, when rained on, they tend to lose their value and water is able to infiltrate in and affecting the goods being carried. As a result, the quality of these bags is wanting and therefore, need to be strengthened in order to compete effectively with the plastic bags.

Although I have a notion of preserving the environment, plastic bags seem more attractive and classic in comparison with other bags that are environmentally friendly. My attitude towards plastic bags is also highly influenced by the society attitude towards the use of environmentally friendly bags. In order for the producers of these bags to increase their profit margins and sensitize people to purchase the bags, they need to modernize them in order for them to be more appealing especially to the young people who are said to be contributing largely to environmental degradation. The bags are to go hand in hand with the new fashion in the market an aspect that will increase the customer loyalty of the consumers. The producers need to advertise intensively in order to increase the trust of people towards the use of these bags. This is supposed to be through all forms of media i.e. print audio and visual media. Use of this strategy will play a great role towards changing people's attitude that the bags are for people who have a low economic status.

Through corporate social responsibility, corporations are trying to sensitize the public on the need to use environmental friendly bags in order to reduce the level of environmental degradation being experienced in the globe currently. The corporations are offering financial support to the companies producing these bags in order for the company to subsidize the prices of the bags. Nevertheless, this has not been enough to compete with plastic bags which have deeply penetrated the current market.

Government has been enacting laws that are aimed at banning the use of plastic bags in the country. Nevertheless, there is no goodwill to enforce the laws especially by putting into context the fact that government benefits a lot in form of taxes from plastic bag businesses. Although nongovernmental organizations have been pushing hard for the implementation of these laws, little has been seen to come from the government in relation to their implementation.

Innovative ideas on how to reduce the level of environmental degradation through the use of environmental friendly bags will play a great role in changing the mindset of the people concerning the use of environmental bags. In addition, innovation will help in coming with modern bags that are able to cater for the needs of dynamic population.

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