The United States of America is a leading economic power in the world; this fact makes it a global leader. Its policies and stands on various issues affecting the country are decided with the large picture being taken into account. Any wrong or misguided policy will affect it along with other countries whose economies are interdependent on that of the US.

The national interests of the US are numerous, and each must be implemented carefully in order to maintain the position of the US in the world. The most vital interest is that of economic growth it is the only factor that has made the country a superpower after the post-war era. The country boasts of the most active stock exchange markets in the world. For example, the New York Stock Exchange, which is among the few which run 24 hours all year. Almost all international corporations have their headquarters here; this makes the US be in a precarious position of regulating the market by developing policies which will not favor anyone. The US must avoid complacency in order to grow economically; the government must create an environment that will attract local and foreign investors in the market.

Another area of concern is the preservation of culture especially post information age among the youth. The US enjoys a cultural diversity which is envy to many; this diversity makes the US enjoy a myriad of talent among the ethnicities. The ideas brought to debates are discussed among different people from different backgrounds. This unique characteristic should be guarded so as to hold the quality of the labor force in the country.

Energy independence is also an area of interest for policymakers. Over-reliance on gas and petroleum products which have adverse effects on the environment. The government should divert its efforts on the production of environmentally friendly options such as wind or nuclear energy. It should spearhead the world in the area of alternative energy and preserve the environment for the future generations.

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