The general health of every human being is a puzzle made up of six essential fragments: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and environmental wellness. Talking about my personal health, I would like to consider it from the perspective of these six dimensions.

To begin with, I will discuss my physical health which basically depends on nutrition and physical exercise. As for my diet, I suppose, it may be characterized as quite healthy, but still with some areas for improvement. I always make sure that my daily ration includes nourishing food that is good for my body and mind. I eat quite a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, but sometimes, I allow myself too much fat. I try to have my meals at a fixed time every day, not to eat after 6 p.m., and not to overeat. I drink enough water during the day, do not consume any alcohol and do not smoke, but I drink much coffee. I have to admit that I am not very active physically. Occasionally, I jog, but not on a regular basis. I have never suffered from any serious illnesses and have no complaints as to my general state.

Emotional wellness is another dimension of health. Generally, I am a positive, optimistic person; on the other hand, I tend to suffer from stress. Occasionally, I experience mild depressions and anxiety, but I have never had suicidal inclinations. As a rule, I do not have any problems with coping with disappointment and failures and maintain a positive attitude. There are no evident difficulties in communication with other people.

Intellectual dimension of health implies the ability and will to learn, find the answers to questions, enrich one's knowledge and improve one's skills continually, as well as to be able to employ one's talents and intellectuality in practice. Personally, I try to stick to these principles; therefore, my intellectual health, I daresay, is in a good shape. I dedicate plenty of time to reading books, magazines, and newspapers which deal with my personal and professional interests as well as topical social and political issues. Also, I work on the development of my skills and talents and the improvement of my general education. Expanding my mind, enhancing my creativity, and learning more about the surrounding world is one of my life priorities. All these factors in the aggregate allow me to conclude that my intellectual health is on a proper level.

The spiritual dimension is another essential element of the health puzzle. The spirituality concept may be rather controversial, and there may exist numerous definitions and conceptions of spiritual wellness. However, generally, it implies involving into the search of the purpose and the meaning of our life as well as the ability to recognize its value. Generally speaking, I consider my spiritual health to be in a good condition, however, with much room for improvement. Mostly, I manage to find peace and harmony with myself and others; I am tolerant to the beliefs of other people, and I am probing into the depths of my inner world. Still, it is not always possible for me to find time for my prayers, meditations, and relaxation on a daily basis; moreover, usually, I find it difficult to incorporate the principles and values of my faith in some real-life situations.

Social health is the ability to interact with other people and establish a beneficial relationship with the environment, live in harmony with oneself and one's social surroundings as well as accept and respect other people's views and tolerate cultural diversities. Personally, I try to implement all these principles in my daily life. However, I have to admit that it is not always possible for me to find time for my friends, family or active socializing; sometimes, I also have to spend time with people whose company I do not enjoy. All this may influence my social wellness in a negative way.

Environmental health involves reaching harmony with the Earth, nature, and the environment. Personally, I think that neither my actions nor my lifestyle habits have any negative impact on the ecology of our planet. However, I cannot say that I actively partake in protecting the environment from the harm done to it by humanity. Thus, I believe my environmental wellness needs some improvement.

To conclude, I evaluate my health status as fair, yet with some points in each dimension to be improved.

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