The director of the movie Punch-Drug Love created a very unusual plot representing all events through different colors, sounds and a specific music illustrating sensitive emotions and cinematic language. Paul Anderson presents some visual symbolism as a key element of the movie from the very beginning through an unexpected appearance of the harmonium. However, the main point of the movie is to reveal love between a man and a woman based on the symbolic meaning of the harmonium that unites both persons.

Love comes to change the condition of loneliness and solitude. Anderson demonstrates the audience a psychological and emotional state of the protagonist that has some mental problems crying at times without any essential reason. It is difficult to assume that Barry can find love being a strange man that behaves abnormally. However, he meets Lena even does not suspect about future feelings that will change his life presenting peace of mind and a boundless freedom inside his soul and heart. Additionally, Lena admitted that once she saw Barry's picture being at his sisters' home and decided to meet him by all means. In such a way, this meeting occurred due to an irresistible Lena's desire, but it was not possible to predict that Lena and Barry would fall in love with each other. Even Barry realizes that he has a love that makes him strong. On the other hand, is the main theme of the plot, love is shown through such key elements as the harmonium, pudding and even the use of the phone because all of them reflect the inner state and thoughts of Barry showing the relationships between both characters. It is evident that the harmonium is the most important element as it is an exact symbol of love. There is a parallel between the harmonium and Lena's appearance. This instrument suddenly arrives to Barry, and love comes to him at the same time. Besides, the harmonium seems to have sympathy with Barry suffering tears when Barry encounters some difficulties as for the phone sex affairs.

The harmonium represents a visual way of a close connection of Barry and Lena. The narration of the story refers to the harmonium that seems to be one more living creature in the plot not only symbolizing love among the characters, but it reflects Barry's inner world and his spiritual sufferings. In such a way, it is difficult to determine whether the plot structure is chronological or not, because some events and actions are not realistic, but imaginary. Moreover, it is vital to pay attention even to such minor things as scenes at the supermarket, a red car and even the phone as all of them describe the main characters and their state. Besides, the mood of the actors is connected with a charming music that can be either slow or quick influencing the current events of the plot. In some cases, being romantic or too serious, music explains some further actions of the characters. It sounds all the time assisting to reflect the theme of love. Additionally, there is much bright light inside the plot. It is a so-called device that makes the audience get more positive than negative emotions because light can be a ray of hope. It enables to think that it is possible to change something. The audience also can think that using much light is necessary to emphasize some details that seem to be not important possessing a significant indirect meaning or role. Sometimes, music and light help the audience pay more attention to the scenes and the appropriate settings of the buildings or a slow sequence of events that happens gradually. Then, it is noticeable that music has an impact on the pace and tempo of the plot slowing down the process and causes the state of something unreal. Thus, the characters behave like children in spite of the fact that Barry almost always wears a severe suit in order to look more serious and maybe more confident. By the way, it is pleasant to see that women prefer to wear dresses looking more charming and attractive for the sake of men. As for Paul Anderson, he illustrates several precise examples framing the composition in definite scenes with Lena and Barry in order to show some distance them. For instance, when Lena gets off the car, the harmonium unites both characters but is framed in some space. Another example has a close connection with the harmonium as well. In one scene, Barry's sister named Elizabeth takes Lena to Barry's work, and it is obvious that the harmonium is framed between the main characters expressing their interaction in a visual way. This instrument also depicts emotional and visual expression of love potentially losing or abandoning some harmonic relationships. As for Barry, he turns into another person that feels more confident being in love with Lena. He states that nothing can be stronger than love because it gives him much strength making him feel like a real man. Moreover, at the end of the movie, Barry confirms that he made a huge mistake using the sex phone service and asks Lena to forgive him this deed. Undoubtedly, such behavior shows that only strong people can understand their errors asking for the second chance.

The harmonium exists within the whole plot being invisible, but it shows love between the main characters and emphasizes the director's desire to create the story based on symbolism. Anderson concentrates his attention and ideas on the existence of symbolism that assists to represent the implication of the plot. It is evident that he focuses on the interaction of such essential elements as the harmonium, a red taxi and a red car that suddenly appear in front of his eyes. Even Lena arrives in a red costume. Perhaps, this color demonstrates some approaching events that can change Barry's life. On the other hand, Anderson merely expresses symbolism not only through colors, but through music as well. The director has a particular feature to create an unusual beginning and unexpected end of the movie not giving any hint to predict the plot and its development. In this movie, the harmonium symbolizes the connection of relations between Barry and Lena. Even at the end, Barry plays this instrument while Lena is holding him. Undoubtedly, Anderson associates the arrival of the harmonium with the arrival of love.

Summing up, Paul Anderson created an unusual movie representing the theme of love and using the appropriate elements that symbolize the relationships between the main characters. Symbolism is an integral part of the plot that is demonstrated through color, light and music. Music is incredible, and it differentiates this movie from others making the audience feel the psychological and physical state of the main actor. Undoubtedly, the theme of love is presented in a strange way, and it was interesting to follow every new scene of the plot. It is pleasant that the end of the story is positive, and Barry gets rid of his loneliness and isolation finding a beautiful woman, who understands him being ready to support her adorable lover. It is worth to watch this movie, because the implication of the plot can help everyone feel free and independent as for the personal emotions and mind.

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