Tricks to Boost Your Brain Power

Have you ever thought how formidable your brain actually is? Throughout centuries, people believed that one's mental abilities are inherited and cannot be changed. However, a theory of neuroplasticity successfully debunks this misconception. Our brain is a muscle which can and should be trained. So carve out time for 10 wonderful techniques that will stand your intellectual abilities in good stead.

  1. Take up new activities

New experiences really help us stimulate our brain. If we get involved in something interesting and unusual, it results in new neural pathways, which increases the IQ level. There are myriad opportunities: you may try doing some household chores with closed eyes, discover an alternative route to the workplace, watch movies with the sound muted, etc.

  1. Exercise systematically

Stop being a couch potato and get down to some sport! Scientists proved that regular physical exercises enhance brain functioning because new brain cells are created.

  1. Train your memory

Many people complain that they have a memory like a sieve, yet very few do something to deal with that. Learning essential data like phone numbers, credit card details, names, addresses as well as famous quotes and poems by heart will definitely go a long way to improving your brain capacity.

  1. Stay inquisitive

Take nothing for granted and build the habit of questioning everything around you starting from products in a supermarket and ending with long-established theories. Although curiosity might kill the cat, an incessant flow of questions will make your brain innovative and flexible.

  1. Be optimistic

Take a positive approach to life to eliminate negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety - our constant companions that diminish our intelligence. Positive thinking, on the contrary, boosts the creation of cells and is one of the best ways to increase your brain power.

  1. Choose healthy food

Our nutrition has a major influence on our brain capacity. Since our brain uses more than 20% of the calories, we must eat healthy and vitamin-rich products like fruits and veggies, nuts, oily fish.

  1. Read books

As a form of escapism, reading helps reduce tension, train memory, and boost imagination. No wonder that true bookworms are usually perceived as highly intelligent people.

  1. Get quality sleep

When asleep, our organism destroys the toxins and reproduces many cells. To enhance your brain efficiency and sleep well, go to bed at 9-10 pm.

  1. Turn off GPS

Such cutting-edge technologies as navigation systems have definitely simplified our life but made us less productive at the same time. Remember the bygone days when people used maps to find exact locations and hone your spatial orientation skills.

  1. Ditch the calculator

Modern society has become extremely dependent on calculators too. Even simple equations seem totally incomprehensible without modern gadgets. We must, however, resist such temptation and use our natural "gadget" - brain.