Key Steps to Write a Brilliant Admission Essay

How to Write an Admission Essay?

Your successful enrolment into the desired institution fully depends on your efforts, motivation and ability to sound convincing. It means that your admission essay shouldn't be just read by an admission officer. It has to involve him or her in your unique storyline, make an officer feel the tight bond between what you suggest and what he/she is looking for. To discover the details of how to start a college application essay and develop it into a purposeful and reasonable demonstration of your personality, follow our admissions essay guide below.

To come up with a brilliant admission essay, an applicant's prime objective is to understand the importance of the statement of purpose, which is extremely significant for this type of essay, to figure out institution's expectations from a potential candidate and, of course, find the way to impress an officer with a unique writing approach. Don't forget that all this has to be exposed and achieved with the help of around 300-500 words according to certain specific requirements determined by an institution you want to apply to.

While looking for the answers to the question "how to write an admissions essay?" consider the following steps:

  1. Patiently and persistently surf the Internet until you are sure you've read and found enough information concerning the institution you apply to.
    Firstly, this necessary-to-complete step will provide you with the information each student has to take into consideration, like campus life, institution's missions and values, its history and future plans. Secondly, being aware of both internal and external activities, connections and networking in general will help you determine the level of your willingness to be a part of exactly that institution. Finally, the possession of useful information will bring you closer to the successful exposition of the statement of purpose of your admission essay.
  2. Use brainstorming technique in order to create a decent list of points, ideas, positive traits, and relevant experience.
    This step will approximate you to the most vivid, striking, impressive and worthy details that would present and portray your personality at its best. Think of the skills you have for a particular degree/field, of how a certain program will supplement your future career, and whether you're capable of contributing to a university or how your hobbies/interests will help you to adjust to the environment of the community you are going to study in. Though, restrict yourself in pointing not more than three major aspects in order not to embarrass an officer or sound too boastful.
  3. Appeal to emotions.
    Let an officer read an admission essay full of positive attitude, motivation, relevancy and genuine interest in being selected. Show your desire to become a student of a certain institution telling your specific story with strong reasons and convincing arguments. Instead of using too formal, exceptionally academic language, which usually portrays a student as an all-know, turn to a conversational tone. The usage of sophisticated language isn't always a good way to show how smart you are. Sometimes, semi-formal style with a tinge of friendly attitude is much more impressive and effective in terms of hooking reader's attention.
  4. Write from the scratch.
    There is no bigger mistake than to copy paste, paraphrase, and rewrite other students' words. To make a good first impression without even talking to your admission officer and to stand out from a crowd, it is enough to stay yourself and describe true stories of your own life. Fake exaggerative facts can easily be revealed. Humdrum general examples will never arouse interest. Try to show your genuine self and let the committee get to know a worthy candidate within 500 words. There is no place for someone's experience, for someone's preferences, and for someone's skills in your admission essay.
  5. Specify and customize each point, which you've decided to include in your admission essay.
    This kind of essay requires clear layout of your thoughts and ideas, consistent stating of major points, relevancy between institution's missions and your skills, hobbies and interests and thorough selection of appropriate, accurate words that will succinctly, thoroughly, deeply expose your decisions, intentions and plans. Any forms of repetitions or tautology aren't acceptable in this type of essay. So, make sure you use the right words to demonstrate the right sides of your personality. Keep on having your creativity switched on all the time while working on your admission essay.
  6. Avoid such common mistakes as the excessive usage of first-person pronouns, confusing complex sentences as well as passive voice constructions. As a matter of fact, you will sound more mature, more vivid, and more intelligent demonstrating the ability to express your thoughts in a simple and understandable manner. An admission officer definitely won't go bananas about rereading your essay several times. Probably, he/she will simply put your essay away, treating you as an unsuitable candidate.
  7. Take enough time to write an outstanding admission essay.
    In order to compete all the steps concerning writing your admission essay successfully, make sure you start working on it in advance. Procrastinating won't bring you the desired result, but stress, lack of time, absence of motivation and inspiration, insufficient amount of time for proofreading and correcting all possible structure/orthography/semantic/content mistakes.
  8. Go proofreading. Your chances to be selected by an admission officer do depend on the diligent revision of each part, each paragraph, and each word of your essay. Make sure, each phrase and statement is not only logical but explanatory, or in other words, bears an aim of convincing an officer in your aptitude.

Hopefully, you have found our tips to be a really useful means of achieving your target and writing a brilliant admission essay. Try implementing our guide when working on a college application essay to make your dream of becoming a student of a particular university/college come true.