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Do You Know How to Write a Presentation?

Many people do not realize that writing a presentation is not the same as writing an essay. In fact, the biggest mistake people make when they write a speech is to prepare an essay that they will read or memorize. If this is done, the speech will be stilted, dull, and will not serve its purpose.

One way to learn how to write a good presentation is to listen to the speeches of others, particularly those that are well trained and have specific skills and talents in the art of speech delivery. Often, they help to engage the audience in a more effective way using great audio-visual tools. So, one of the activities in your preparation should probably be an attractive PowerPoint presentation.

Consider Your Audience

The other consideration in learning how to write a presentation is to know your audience. If you are presenting to an audience that has no knowledge of the topic, you will obviously prepare a very different speech and visuals than you will for an audience that has a good basic understanding of the topic. You do not want to lose an audience because they cannot follow you, nor do you want to bore an audience with information they already know!

Presentation Preparation is Tricky

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