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It may be that you have to present an essay or speech to your peers with a view to persuading them your opinions are correct. If this is the case, you first need to write a convincing custom essay or prepare a persuasive speech because you will be basing your presentation on these. Then, bear in mind that your goal is not just to prepare a good persuasive speech or essay because you will be putting your communication skills to the test as well as your writing prowess. If your writing skills aren't that good, you could seek help from us, i.e. buy the papers or presentations you need to ensure the best results.

Learning the art of writing persuasive essays and speeches

The main goal of writing persuasive essays is to jot down any points that might be of interest to your audience and get them thinking about what you have said and taking it on board. Therefore, how do you ensure your work makes an impact on your audience's memory? The following are some factors you should take into account with persuasive writing essays:

  1. Keep your language simply because you want everyone who is reading or listening to your work to understand it. The use of pretentious language might sound good, but would your work be understood?
  2. Your sentences should be structured in a simplistic way. If they are too long they may divert the attention of your audience from your key points;
  3. Making use of straightforward, powerful words will draw attention to your stance. Make sure your words have the power to persuade your audience that your viewpoint is correct.

Be careful when selecting your topics

In preparing your work, make sure you choose good persuasive essay topics that are familiar to you. This will make it much easier for you to present your work and answer questions about it. It is also a good idea to choose a topic you will enjoy writing about and that your audience will enjoy hearing about. Your aim should be to attract the attention of your audience with both the content of your work and your ability to communicate it. The two key purposes of your topic are:

  1. Your topic should arouse your audience's curiosity;
  2. It must have the power to quickly bring your audience around to your way of thinking.

With these criteria in mind, it would be helpful to base your persuasive essays and speeches on themes and concepts that provoke strong reaction in your audience and ones they feel an empathy with. The following are some entertaining ideas for topics:

  1. Do you think vampires are real in view of the film, Twilight?
  2. Is animal rights legislation violated by caging animals in zoos?
  3. Would reckless driving be reduced and would roads be used more sensibly if the legal driving age limit was raised to 21?
  4. Do teenagers receive the wrong message from cool cigarette ads?

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