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Case study projects are more complex than basic research papers and are usually assigned to students in the upper-level undergraduate program, but most certainly in graduate programs. Typically, students in major fields of sociology, psychology, education, and business are tasked with these projects, and they require in-depth research, information and data collection, and a great deal of reflective and critical thinking not to mention, of course, the sound written production.

How to Prepare the Case?

Take this tips on how to prepare and understand the case study:

  1. Make the complete investigation of the case
  2. Take some notes, make emphasis on the key problem, choose the important facts.
  3. Make an analysis and determine a few most important problem. Give answer to the questions:
    • How did come up these problems?
    • Do they have an influence on the organization? If yes, explain how.
  4. Give a few options for solving the problem.
  5. Read some information from different sources, explore some researchers, think about your own experience.
  6. Choose which solution is the best.
  7. Give a strong supporting arguments, pros and comes.

The structure of a case study is not all that different from the other types of essay. However, there are exact differences you should know about. Here are some features to organizing and writing a case study research paper.

The introduction should be a roadmap for your readers to discover the purpose and direction of your study. However, it shouldn't only describe the research problem and its importance, but also why the case is being used.

Here are four question which will help you:

    • What is the studying subject?

Find and describe the research problem and choose the subject of analysis.

    • Why is it important to investigate this problem?

Explain the significance of the problem.

    • Which general knowledge did we have about the topic before the writing case study?

Review earlier case study research used to the research problem. Show the importance of your case-study.

    • How will this research develop new knowledge or new ways of understanding?

Demonstrate why your case study will be proper in helping to develop knowledge and understanding about the research problem.

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